Picking Margit’s brain

Last week I read a Wired profile of Margit Wennmachers, who is a partner at Silicon Valley VC firm Andreessen Horowitz. What I don’t know about investing in tech startups could fill a large bucket, so I hadn’t heard of Margit. She co-founded one of tech’s most influential PR agencies, and is one of a small number of executives at partner level with a communications background (memo to every company ever, do this! Comms belongs in the boardroom!).

Needless to say, Margit is a new hero of mine. Especially since I listened to her speak about crisis communications in one of her firm’s podcasts. Margit and her colleagues argue that a company’s culture can make or break and crisis communications plan – when disaster strikes, what will make employees rally together to help? That little conundrum is exactly why I’m interested in the crossover of organisational and crisis communications. Worth a listen (Margit’s other podcasts here).

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